Transformation of Licensing System

The time is now for the transformation and modernization of the Licensing Division through the use of modern technology. With the introduction of the Demerit Points System, a Red-Light Camera Enforcement System and a new Traffic Ticketing System, the Licensing Division required ground-breaking transformation of its business processes and services, to improve its efficiency to meet growing customer demands.

The Ministry of Works and Transport will operationalize the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic (Amendment) Act, No. 9 of 2017 by launching a software management system called the UTURN System. UTURN will digitize many of the business processes and services of the Licensing Division by making transactions faster and easier.

With over one (1) million registered vehicles and 800,000 authorised drivers, it is no longer ‘business as usual’ at the Licensing Division. This operational transformation is needed, to accommodate the demands of the new progressive legislative initiatives, as well as an increasing number of daily transactions.

Our Roadmap to Transformational Success

To support the new legislative initiatives, the Licensing Division will implement the following:


  • Modern Electronic Solutions – Customers deserve fast service, and less time standing in long lines. The Licensing Division is digitising its data management records, training staff and improving its operations, to offer you less time-intensive transactions and overall, more convenient processes.
  • An Accountable and Transparent Work Culture – The Licensing Division is removing inefficient data and records management systems and upgrading to an online platform, to reduce unethical practices.
  • Sustainable Transformation – This change will cultivate a productive work culture throughout the Licensing Division, through the use of 21st century technology and business practices.
  • Upgrading of Licensing Offices at Port of Spain, Arima, Guaico and Princes Town.

Centralized Data & Digital Networks

This transformation entails a complete digitisation of driving permit and vehicular registration records. Information is migrated to a secure data centre, where it can be easily managed and accessed on a secure network. Quick retrieval of driving permit and vehicular registration information reduces the time taken for staff to complete transactions, as well as the waiting time for customers.

For example, in times gone by, the public could have only requested certified copies at one (1) Licensing Division site. However, due to network integration, there are currently four (4) main sites at which a request for a certified copy can be made and processed:

  • Port of Spain
  • Shirvan Road, Tobago
  • Caroni
  • San Fernando

Modern Technology for Greater Connectivity

Driving permit records have also been automated on the digital platform. Centralising driver and vehicle data on the network, allows for greater connectivity among Licensing Offices across Trinidad and Tobago. Information from the digital platform is readily accessible to all customers – saving time and resources.

This online feature enables citizens to access their driving permit and vehicle registration information in real-time, through a customer portal accessed at https://apps.mowt.gov.tt. Customers will no longer need to visit the Licensing Division and join long lines to access or verify their information. They can now do so from their computers or mobile devices, via the internet.

The vehicle registration system is soon to be upgraded for direct integration with the Trinidad & Tobago Customs and Excise Division’s Asycuda database. Once this initiative is completed, vehicle dealers can upload their documents to the online portal for pre-validation, as well as electronic pre-approved registration.

Vehicle Registration System

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Driving Permits

The Licensing Division will be transforming its operations to provide citizens with:

  • Online applications for provisional driving permits;
  • Online scheduling for regulations examinations and driving tests;
  • Secure access to the computerised regulations exam via a pin biometric system;
  • GPS tracking of vehicles used for road test; and
  • An online renewal process for expired driving permits and taxi driver badges.

Vehicle Inspection

The process for vehicle inspection will become electronic. Authorised companies and private inspection centres will be issued handheld devices with automated access to the Licensing Authority’s vehicle registration database. This is intended to eliminate the need to first obtain a certified copy prior to inspecting a vehicle. This will reduce the inconvenience placed on citizens in the inspection process.

Once a vehicle has been inspected, the electronic handheld device will produce a machine-readable inspection sticker. With this new computerised system, vehicle inspection data is more securely managed and accessed, reducing corrupt practices while making non-inspected vehicles easier to track by law enforcement agencies.

Online Certified Copy Request & Delivery

The Licensing Division has partnered with the Trinidad & Tobago Postal Corporation (TTPOST) and TTCONNECT to implement its upcoming Online Certified Copy Request & Delivery System. This pioneering initiative affords citizens the convenience to:

  • Request and pay for certified copies online; and
  • Have the certified copy delivered to a preferred location such as their residence, workplace or a convenient TTCONNECT Centre.

Self-Service Payment Systems

In keeping with the Licensing Division’s aim to provide modern digital solutions, members of the public will soon have the opportunity to pay for their transactions using self-assisted Kiosks. These will be available at several Licensing offices nationwide.

Use of self-assisted kiosk machines for payment is expected to greatly reduce long lines and waiting times experienced at cashiers’ windows. The new system will reduce the volume of transactions conducted by cashiers, leaving them available to assist the public in other areas.

      State of the Art Security

      A critical part of the Licensing Division’s operational transformation plan involves the use of technology to detect discrepancies and identify fraudulent practices.

      Within recent years, driving permits have become machine-readable and upgraded with security features such as hidden watermarks and retro-reflective material. These improvements will aid in preventing unlawful duplication of permits.

          A Secure Motor Vehicle Number Plate System

          The Ministry is very mindful of the risk we face due to the inefficient and ineffective number plate system currently in use. What is needed is a more secure plate along with a proper inventory management system, to avoid duplication and eliminate the ease of replication. 

          To this end, the new number plate will include the following features:

          • High security validation hologram
          • Retro-reflective material
          • Embedded RFID Chip
          • High security alphanumeric fonts
          • Hidden watermarks
          • Laser engraved 2D code

          The new system will also provide citizens with the opportunity to order Specialized Sequential Numbers, as well as Personalized Plates.

              Mobile Licensing Services

              In conducting numerous daily transactions and serving the public of Trinidad & Tobago, we recognize that very often citizens, particularly in rural areas, have to travel lengthy distances to renew their driving permits, apply for a certified copy or update their driving permit records.

              With this mind, Licensing Authority is not only transforming itself into a highly computerized centre, but we hold true to our transformational success goals, by establishing a Mobile Service Unit. This service caters to citizens in rural communities and villages by conducting scheduled visits in those areas, to provide hassle free access to several services.

              The Mobile Service Unit will be fully equipped with the necessary technology and resources to perform:

              • Printing of certified copies;
              • Processing of learner’s driving permits;
              • Renewal of driving permits;
              • Regulations testing for all driving permit classes;
              • Renewal of taxi badges; and
              • Verification and updating of driving permit information.

              Through our Mobile Service Unit, computerized data management and effective security practices, the transformation of Licensing Division to a modern centre of connectivity will greatly reduce time and resource wastage, and allow efficiency and professionalism to become our new ‘business as usual.

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                  RFID tags make the identification of legally licensed vehicles fast and reliable. Learn how they work. 

                  DEMERIT POINTS SYSTEM

                  If you commit an offence that carries demerit points, the points are added to your driving record. Learn more.

                  UTURN PORTAL

                  Spot speed cameras operate throughout T&T at carefully selected locations to prevent speed offences. Click for info.


                  Enabling smart ticketing for enforcement of traffic violations. Learn how it works here....

                  RED LIGHT CAMERA SYSTEM

                  You will receive a ticket if your vehicle is caught on camera breaking a red light. Click to see penalties.

                  VEHICLE INSPECTION

                  To be licensed, all vehicles must meet standards set by law. Click here for info about the specifications for your vehicle. 

                  Notice for Drivers

                  For More information on the Amendments to the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act, please visit the Ministry’s website – www.mowt.gov.tt and click on MVRT Act Chapter 48 50 tab.

                  Remember, to avoid a traffic ticket and demerit points simply obey the road traffic laws. Do not act contrary to the law outlined in the Motor Vehicles and Road Traffic Act Chapter 48:50. 

                  The Transport Division of the Ministry of Works and Transport wishes to advise all permit holders /motorists to ensure that their vehicles are in compliance with the TARE Weight and Maximum Gross TARE Weight in keeping with the law.